You Have to set your own Course

Personal Finance cannot be distilled to a few steps which everyone must complete without question, as then it is no longer personal! The last I checked, personal is the first word in personal, and you will have to chart your own course.

Yes, The Ten Steps are a great program to follow, but, you will need to decide which steps are most important to your family first, then you will follow those steps.

Stand by and we will have a roadmap worksheet so you can chart your own course and make sure your family tackles the most important things first.

It's upto Me

If you are reading the page, then your's and your family's future is upto you!

So It's Going to Be

And I am going to make sure that your family's future is Going To Be Better by giving you the tools you need!

Look at What I Did!

By using the tools I will provide you, you will be able to tell your loved ones, "Look at what I did". You won't have to say, "I wish I would have!"

The Ten Steps

Triage/Make Commitment

Set Insurance Plan

Health Issues

Emergency Fund

  • $1,053
  • $5,000
  • 6 months of Income

Career Improvement

Health Saving Account

Credit/Insurance Score

Roth IRA


Find A Financial Advisor